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Добавил: 2016-12-22 | Посетило: 650 | Время: 03:58 | Исполнитель: Above This

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Текст песни

Straight into my eyes, your demise
I got another one to my eyes, your demise

Im fucking great
Cause this is, the end of the world, yeah
I wasnt satisfied from the first time that I saw your fucking face
I couldnt help but laugh at the fact that you thought that I would back down
But not that easily, I have alot of hate built up inside of me
Take your opinions, and shove them right up your ass
Cause, this is the best time that Ive ever had
Weve been through all of the good and the bad
Take your mind set, and head for the hills
This is my life and Ive got skills that kill
Oh, I'll shake the Earth as I'm stomping the ground
Ill take this weight off me pound by pound
You really think that Id let you get through to me
Then suddenly, I come out of nowhere and push you into oncoming traffic
Ooh.. That really looks like it hurt
What do we do?
Wait what was his name?
I think im going insane..
Lets call this scene pathetic hit and run

Why cant I be like the other kids?
I try to fit into the crowd like you always did
I built myself up over night and strive to be the best
Tears are words that the heart cannot express

Drop this motherfucker into the pit
I dont know why the fuck I try so hard, every chance I get
Whats wrong with my past?
I swear to god Ill try my hardest just to make this last

Right NOW

[2x] Turn me on, kill the bass, This is on, smash the place

I, must say
Im pretty impressed by all your failed attempts to embarrass me
Two wrongs dont make a right.. but do two rights make a wrong?

Whoa man, I dont know, do they?

Видеоклип There Can Only Be One:Tracy McGrady and Carlos Boozer

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