Песни I'm in love и видео Видеоклип ПРЕМЬЕРА! THE HARDKISS - TONY, TALK! official 2015


Добавил: 2016-10-07 | Посетило: 421 | Время: 02:48 | Исполнитель: THE HARDKISS

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Текст песни

Tasty sexy images
In my mind Ill get you
Starting engine love machine
Baby bird Ill catch you

Im in love baby
What you gonna do to me?

Staring at the Milky way
Laying on your drunk trunk
I drink coffee (pepsi) every day
Singing du-bi-da-da-dank

Видеоклип ПРЕМЬЕРА! THE HARDKISS - TONY, TALK! (official) 2015

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