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Добавил: 2017-01-29 | Посетило: 873 | Время: 03:09 | Исполнитель: Waka Flocka Flame

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Текст песни

Quarter mAnnotateillion dollars cash in my guest room (turn up)
Thumbin' through the bands I be playin' with the check (flocka)
Count a cool two mill' without breakin' sweats
Bitch I'm always fuckin' flexin', wearin' gold Rolex

[Hook 2]
I'm rocking Rollies, I'm talking three of those
Bad bitches, I got plenty of those
Diamond grill, I can't do golds
I'm ridin' sixes, I can't do the fours
Keep it real 'til I die, put it on my set
Keep it real 'til I die, put it on my set
Thumbin' through the bands I be playin' with the check
Keep it real 'til I die, put it on my set

[Hook 1]

[Verse 1]
Chinnin' through this work,i don't have to benchpress
When it come to work, my dawgs always love to flex (FLEX)
You see me, he a stone cold killer with the pistol (banana)
Run up in my stash then your mama gon' miss you
Stay up on my grizzle, thumbin' through a check (okay)
Stay a real nigga, I'm a put it on my set
Fell in love in fast cars since Gucci Corvette (yeeoom)
Nigga disrespect me, I'll just leave his ass wet

[Hook 2]

[Verse 2]
He ain't never been scared to a hundred on his head
Cash, that bastard (???)
It's yo ass if I catch you slippin' with my girlies
I'm on my fuckin' (???)
Thumbin' through the bands, I be doin' it
I'm a real nigga, bitch, break yo fuckin' back
You a pussy nigga, you don't want no get back
I got (???) bounce back, gotta live with that
Same situation, get it how you live, bitch
Worth a couple of commas, you ain't even average
I'm flexin', Randy Savage
Free my nigga Boosie, I'm a fuckin' savage

[Hook 2]

Видеоклип РЭП / RAP Music

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